Don’t Waste Money on Marketing in 2016

We all know that it’s important to promote your business.  However, with all the ways and things you can do for branding and marketing, it’s extremely easy to spend enormous amounts of effort and money on things that don’t ultimately result in a sale – in effect, waste it.  This is especially true if your branding, marketing, and sales processes aren’t properly aligned in a step by step sequence that ultimately leads to closed business.  That sequence is the key to your overall business development strategy.

Here are some things to think about in developing your strategy for 2016.

  1. What products and/or services am I offering in 2016?
  2. Who makes up the ideal target market for each product/service?
  3. What is our company’s brand message?  What are our values and beliefs?  How do we communicate them in a way that will resonate with our target market?
  4. How will the target market see/hear/experience our brand?  What do they already believe about it?  How can we build trust and credibility with them?
  5. What is the value proposition of each product/service for each target market?  Will certain segments receive more value than others?
  6. Does our target market already understand the value, or will they have to be educated on it?
  7. How will our target market find out about the value proposition? What marketing channels will give be the most effective?
  8. When they do find out about it, what action do we want them to take (schedule a meeting, buy immediately, request a quote, etc.)?
  9. What is our process for qualifying opportunities and/or scoring leads?
  10. What is our follow up process for leads with good opportunities, but the timing isn’t right?  How will we stay top of mind?
  11. What’s our process for closing the sale?  Are there opportunities for up-sells and cross-sells?
  12. How can we generate more repeat sales and/or referrals from our customers?

Mapping out a strategy for your business development can be overwhelming, which is why a lot of business owners tend to just hire marketing companies and delegate the task to them.  The problem is that a marketing service will tell you the best way to use their service, but often won’t tell you if using their services is really the most effective and efficient thing to do to promote your business.  They may also may generate leads for your company, but can’t help you put the process in place to convert those leads into closed sales.

sales-partners-logoFortunately, our friend Will Dukes at SalesPartners Miami has offered to do something special for our friends and clients.  Will is a strategist- he doesn’t sell any branding or marketing services.  He will help you, however, make sure that your brand message and value propositions are clear and on point, and that you have a clear sales process set up that will take a potential prospect to an active opportunity to a paying customer.   He’ll make sure you aren’t wasting time and money on branding and marketing tactics that don’t make sense for your company.

To get his help you also don’t have to sign up for some year-long coaching program.  Everyone he works with starts with a single strategy session.  For many people, that session is all they need to take decisive action, close more sales, and stop throwing money out the window on ineffective strategies.  Most importantly to us, this session isn’t, as Will calls it, “some BS sales pitch.” He guarantees that you will receive real value and actionable items for your business, or he’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

If you go to right now, you can see that to sign up for an initial SalesPartners Strategy Session will cost you $350 and 90 minutes of your time.  Compared to all of the money you could be wasting on ineffective marketing – in a single campaign, or even a single ad(!) –  that’s pretty inexpensive.  However, because of our relationship with Will, he’s taking 30% off.

When you book your session by January 8th, just mention Miami Payroll Center in the note, and your strategy session will only be $245 and you’ll still have the entire 90 minute session.  Just go to, and click on Strategy Session.  Book a time that works for you, mention us in the note, and they’ll send you a special payment link with the save $105 price for friends of Miami Payroll Center.

Obviously, it is in the best interest of all of us  – you, your employees, and us – for your company to grow, and grow quickly.  That’s why we hope you’ll take Will up on his offer.  With the increased sales you generate, and money you save on marketing, who knows?  Maybe you could hire a new employee!

Don’t just hope for a prosperous New Year, MAKE IT HAPEN! Schedule your strategy session today!

popdevteamDon’t Waste Money on Marketing in 2016