4 Tips to Giving Effective Employee Feedback

Ongoing performance feedback is crucial to fostering open employer-employee relationships. Here are 4 tips to make sure your feedback is effective in bringing positive changes to your company:

  1. Make it timely. Give feedback as soon as a situation has occurred. Not only is the situation fresh in your mind, but it also makes it easier to address and find solutions to move forward.
  2. Stick to the facts. Focus on what occurred, and don’t make any assumptions beyond that. For example, if your employee is continuously late to work, don’t assume they are lazy or don’t value being punctual. Instead, discuss the impact of tardiness and how that affects others and the company. Give the employee a chance to explain what causes them to be late.
  3. Address one improvement at a time. Sometimes discussing several performance issues during one conversation can dilute the message. By focusing on one improvement at a time, you have better chances of your message being clear and having the employee fully grasp the problem at hand and what’s expected of them to resolve it.
  4. Ask for their feedback. After sharing your feedback, ask your employee for their opinion on what was discussed. This will prove to you they have understood the information and what course of action is required. If the employee is on the same page as you are, acknowledge their insight and work on a performance plan together. The more buy-in, the more likely the person will be motivated to change.
popdevteam4 Tips to Giving Effective Employee Feedback